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Creative Spot - Illustration Friday

Dealing with artist's block is a given for any artist, no matter your medium.  Frequent advice is to just plow forward and create just for the sake of creating.  At some point the passion will reignite and you can continue to burst forward.

But if your creative brain is really dried up, it can be hard to even put pencil to paper, or to take the camera out in public and just start shooting.  There are websites out there with keyword suggestions or theme suggestions to get you started in just being active and creating, even if the prompt is something as simple as "take photos of shoes."  It may not inspire your next masterpiece, but it will get you in the mode of creation with the idea that once you let yourself let go of all the stress of creation and are just doing, the end result will be that you are in a better mindset.

One such website for illustrators is "Illustration Friday."  The website announces a new prompt every Friday, and illustrators have one week to tackle the prompt.  You can submit your work to the website, or just keep it within your own sketchbook; you can go super simple or really work it out; but the prompt will do the job of getting you drawing.

As an added bonus, the site highlights submissions from past weeks, so you can flip through the gallery and see if another artist's work helps inspire you to put pencil to paper again.

Check out the site here: http://illustrationfriday.com