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Mavericks - What Macs Can Upgrade?

Apple stated they want to get Mavericks to as many users as possible, so they have enabled OS X Mavericks to be useable on machines up to six years old, going back to 2007 models. If your machine was able to install and run Mountain Lion, you can also upgrade your machine to Mavericks. The official list from Apple includes all of their current machine families - Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini - and also includes some older MacBooks and an Xserve model as well.

The following Macs will be able to upgrade to Mavericks:

Additionally, nearly all versions of the MacBook Air (Model ID 2,1/Late 2008 or newer) and the latest version of the Xserve (Model ID 3,1/Early 2009) can use Mountain Lion and are believed to be able to use Mavericks.

Now you know if your Mac will likely be able to install Mavericks. Read on to find out what OS you need to upgrade.