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Apple's Secret File Icon

Whenever you save a document in Word, Powerpoint, Excel (and most other formats), a small file icon appears in the top center of the tool bar by the file title. This icon is for more than just looks - did you know you can drag and drop this icon wherever you want, and it will actually allow you to move the file? This is pretty handy, especially if you have a few Finder windows open and need to quickly and easily move your files around within the iCloud or to an external drive or storage device.  Even better - if you drag the icon to a message in Mail, it will automatically add it as an attachment.

Option (or Alt) - Maybe you need to make a copy of a file rather than move it - you can easily do this too, just with drop and drag.  If you hold down the Option (or Alt) key as you click the icon and drag it, and instead of moving the file, you will simply copy the file to it's new destination.  This is a nice shortcut and works for all icons with Finder as well.

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