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Apple's Secret Calculator

The iMac’s Spotlight search is an amazing tool that lets you swiftly search your entire iMac for any media, program, or document. You can click the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner, or just hit Command + Spacebar and the Spotlight search bar will drop down, ready for you to type any text in to begin your search. But did you know that the bar actually does basic math too? Instead of having to actually open your Calculator, just type in some basic math right into the spotlight search bar and… voila!  You will see the Icon for Calculator appear, and your math problem will be solved right in the spotlight window.

One more secret - if your Mac doesn't have a number pad, you might make a few simple mistakes based on how the calculator keys appear visually.  If you want to use multiplication, remember to use Shift-8 to get the star icon (*) and not the letter X.  For keying in division problems, the forward slash (/) is the way to go.

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