6TB 7200rpm Internal Desktop Hard Drive

6.0TB 3.5in SATA III 7200rpm 128mb

These internal SATA drives can be installed into the aluminum Mac Pro server. The Mac Pro has four (4) internal drive bays.Multiple drives can be combined into a RAID array in the Mac Pro using OSX's Disk Utility for large scale storage.

6.0 TB SATA III 7200rpm 128mb Buffer Internal Hard Drive
Rotational Speed: 7200rpm
Buffer Size: 128mb
Transfer Rate
Serial ATA (G/s): 3.0G/sec
Serial ATA II(G/s): 6.0G/sec
Average Seek: < 8.5ms
Average Latency: 5.1ms
Warranty: 2 Year Limited Factory Warranty

Drives-internal-desktop - 6TB Seagate 5900rpm Internal Desktop Hard Drive