Ramjet+ Beyond the Apple Specifications

iMac - Model ID Apple Listed Max Ramjet+ Tested Max
iMac 7,14GB6GB
iMac 8,14GB6GB
iMac 11,1 (i5 or i7)16GB32GB
iMac 11,3 (i5 or i7)16GB32GB
iMac 12,116GB32GB
iMac 12,216GB32GB
MacBook Pro - Model ID Apple Listed Max Ramjet+ Tested Max
MacBook Pro 3,14GB6GB
MacBook Pro 4,14GB6GB
MacBook Pro 5,14GB8GB
MacBook Pro 7,18GB16GB
MacBook Pro 8,1 to 8,38GB16GB
MacBook Pro 9,1 and 9,28GB16GB
Mac Pro - Model ID Apple Listed Max Ramjet+ Tested Max
Mac Pro 1,116GB32GB
Mac Pro 2,116GB32GB
Mac Pro 3,116GB64GB*
Mac Pro 4,1 Quad-Core16GB48GB
Mac Pro 4,1 8-Core32GB128GB*
Mac Pro 5,1 Quad- and 6-Core16GB48GB
Mac Pro 5,1 8- and 12-Core32GB128GB*
Mac Pro 6,164GB128GB***
MacBook - Model ID Apple Listed Max Ramjet+ Tested Max
MacBook 2,12GB3GB
MacBook 3,14GB6GB
MacBook 4,14GB6GB
MacBook 5,14GB8GB
MacBook 5,2 (DDR2-667Mhz)4GB6GB
MacBook 5,2 (DDR2-800Mhz)4GB6GB
MacBook 6,14GB8GB
MacBook 7,14GB16GB
Mac mini - Model ID Apple Listed Max Ramjet+ Tested Max
Mac mini 2,12GB3GB
Mac mini 3,14GB8GB
Mac mini 4,18GB16GB
Mac mini 5,1 to 5,38GB16GB
* The Mac Pro 3,1 can utilize 8x8GB of memory for a maximum of 64GB under OS 10.9.x Mavericks. All earlier versions of the operating system are limited to 8x4GB for a maximum of 32GB.
** The Mac Pro 4,1 and 5,1 8- and 12-Core can utilize 8x16GB of memory for a maximum of 128GB under OS 10.9.x Mavericks. All earlier versions of the operating system are limited to 6x16GB for a maximum of 96GB.
*** Due to configuration of the 2013 Mac Pro 6,1 processor, 32GB modules will register at a bus speed of 1066Mhz.

What is Ramjet+

Beyond the Apple Specification

Here at Ramjet, we are proud of the fact that we can make your Mac operate better and faster than Apple says it can. Yes, you heard it right: we can make your Mac perform better than the manufacturer's specifications. It's a bold claim, we know, and one that brings in calls from concerned customers every day: "How can you possibly do better than Apple? After all, they made the machine."

Frozen Documentation

The answer is actually fairly simple. When Apple designs a new machine, they test and document in great detail the specifications of that machine. This documentation (which is "frozen" and published when a new system is released) informs their staff and customers about the system's capabilities. These specifications are determined by comprehensive testing of components that are available on the market at the time of the system's release. And herein lies the problem...

New Technology

As you know, technology marches on very quickly. New components continue to be developed, even after Apple "freezes" a system's specifications. New technology (in the form of higher capacity RAM modules) may be developed that exceeds the specifications in Apple's documentation.

Ramjet Labs

Here at Ramjet we continue to test new technology for compatibility with the full range of existing Macs. When we find modules that pass our strenuous testing procedures, we make them available to you. And when they exceed the manufacturer's specifications, we get excited because we know that we are delivering great value to our customers.

Introducing Ramjet+

The list of machines that have Ramjet+ options includes six different Mac Mini models, more than a dozen different MacBook Pro and iMac models, nearly every Mac Pro model ever released, and many more.

You can rest assured the information you find on our site will always be up-to-date and based on recent testing. If you're ever uncertain about your machine's actual memory capabilities, you can also give us a call at 1-800-831-4569 and we'll be happy to show you just how far your system can go.