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Vendor: Microsoft

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop 10 User CALs


Product Type: Windows Server
Vendor: Microsoft

Year: 2022
CAL Type: Remote

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Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop 10 User CALs

Support your ever-growing business needs with the newest available Microsoft Windows Server 2022, using the Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop Services User CALs. This cloud-compatible server operating system is the best solution when looking for an environment that can handle current workloads. Utilize innovative features, better security, and the latest technologies to take your business to the next level.

What is a User CAL? A CAL is not a software product; rather, it is a license that gives a user the right to access the services of the server. Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop Services + 10 User CALs gives you 10 more connections.

This product is a license for a Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop User CAL for Microsoft Windows Server 2022 (sold separately) that allows a device to connect to your server remotely.

If your organizations’ workstations organization are networked, you likely depend on network server software to perform certain functions, such as file and print sharing. To access this server software legally, you need a Client Access License (CAL).

Take the leap and expand your company's potential. Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop Services User Connections are like opening a new door to the potential for your business. Give your server extra 10 User Connections and give the possibility of expansion to more people.

With the Windows Server 2022 User CAL, you need to purchase a CAL for every Remote Desktop Services user. Users will use the CAL to access the server to use services such as file storage or printing, regardless of the number of devices they use for that access.

Purchasing a User CAL might make more sense if your company's employees need to have roaming access to the corporate network. This can help your access the networking using multiple devices, or from unknown devices, or if you simply have more devices than users in your organization.

Optimized for physical or minimally virtualized server environments, businesses of all sizes are able to find something in Windows Server 2022. Especially with a plethora of different editions and versions available, you can get your money's worth by looking into what features you need in your server.

Take advantage of the improved security and reduce the risk of data loss by a large percentage. Advances were made to ensure your server stays secure from viruses and other malware threats. Multiple layers of protection work to protect you even if unwanted software gets into your system.

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