OS Yosemite and Trim Support for SSD

OS Yosemite and Trim Support for SSD

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You may have read news stories recently about Apple disabling 3rd party TRIM support in OS X Yosemite, resulting in much concern about non-Apple Solid State Drives having problems functioning under OS X Yosemite, or shortened drive life without this TRIM support enabled.

Our customers should all rest assured this change to Mac OS has no effect on Ramjet SSDs. Whether empty or 99% full, our SSDs deliver peak performance and long life. Our drives were offering industry-leading performance before Mac OS ever enabled 3rd party TRIM support. Even better, our drives do not require any "TRIM hacks" or special steps that other manufacturers must resort to in able to retain compatibility with the latest version of Mac OS.

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The reason? The sophisticated controllers on our drives are capable of internally handling the wear leveling and "garbage collection" tasks that OS-level TRIM support was intended for.

This means Ramjet SSDs are designed to offer the simplest, fastest, longest lasting SSD performance. Simply install and enjoy.