About Ramjet

As fellow Mac enthusiasts, we noticed a dearth of reliable upgrade products that meet or exceed Apple’s standards of quality and service. That’s why in 1996, we launched Ramjet, a family-run company out of Champaign, Ill, dedicated to helping do-it-yourself Mac lovers like us get the most performance and life out of their Macs.

And we don’t expect you to do this alone. We’ve built our reputation on offering the priceless support of actual human beings trained in all-things-Apple. They’re on hand to help make your upgrades as seamless as possible, and work in tandem with Ramjet Labs, our very own engineering and testing facility that ensures we can confidently stand behind reliability of our products.

Over the years, word has gotten around about our homegrown approach. Our customers have included everyone from the world’s top animation and design firms to freelancers on a budget. Expressing your vision is your life’s work—finding the tools to make that simpler and faster is our job.