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Vendor: Ramjet

48GB (16GBx3) DDR3 ECC 1333MHz Memory for 2010 Mac Pro 5.1 6-core and 12-core


Product Type: MP-DDR3-1333
SKU: MP16Jx3
Weight: 5.3 oz
Vendor: Ramjet


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48GB, PC3-10600, DDR3-1333, 1333Mhz, 8.5GB/s Bandwidth, CAS 9-9-9-24, 5ns Cycle Time, ECC, Dual Rank, RoHS Certified, 256x72, 1.5V, 240pin DIMMs.

Contains three (3) matched 16GB DRAM memory modules and is specifically designed and SPD configured for the "Westmere" Mac Pro Models (4th Generation).

These DIMMs include the Apple Specified Thermal EPROM Sensor and are compatible with the latest Apple Firmware.

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The following installation video covers the Mac Pro DDR3-1333.

Apple's user manual can provide you more details about 2010 Mac Pro Model 5,1. Click here for Apple's installation guide (PDF.)