What is an iMac?


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We often hear from customers that they don't know how to find out how much RAM they have in their machine. We've put together a helpful guide for you. Simply follow the steps below to make purchasing RAM upgrades for your machine a breeze!

How Much RAM is in My Mac?
Step 1: Find System Information
Open the apple menu in the upper left corner of your screen. Hold down the Alt-Option and wait for "About this Mac" to change to "System Information". Click System Information.
Step 2: Note Your Mac's Model ID
Step 3: Locate Your Memory Slots
Click "Memory" halfway down the list of Hardware items on your left. In this case shown, this iMac 11,1 has 2 modules of 4GB (8GB total) with 2 slots available for more memory Options.
Step 3: Locate Your Memory Slots
With your Mac's model ID, find out what memory upgrade options are available for your machine. In this example, your can go beyond the 16GB maximum limit published by Apple & install 2 more 8GB modules, achieving a 24GB configuration. Go beyond the published Apple spec is what we call Ramjet+. You can learn more about Ramjet+ at www.macmemory.com/pages/ramjet-plus