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April 02, 2013 1 min read

Last week, the LA Times ran a story detailing Apple's new campaign in which they are launching new updates to Final Cut Pro X, and a series of videos promoting why video professionals should be using Final Cut Pro - reaching out to the users they are acutely aware they lost to Adobe Premiere.
The response so far from professionals seems to be skeptical, not only because they still feel a bit stung over the initial loss of features in FCP X, but because they feel like Apple has been ignoring them lately - with comments like "where's the new Mac Pro?" and "do they expect everybody to be editing on an iMac?"
Of course, there have been persistent rumors of a new Mac Pro release coming, so it's possible Apple will be making a renewed approach to these professionals who are still feeling left out. Only time will tell if this is a market Apple will be able to grab hold of again.

Check out the new videos on Apple's Final Cut website boasting why their recent updates should convince any Premiere users to make the switch.