Will upgrading my memory cause a Mac to overheat?

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The answer is "No, not if you buy your Mac RAM upgrade at Ramjet.com!  We can't vouch for the other guys. There are many factors that affect your machine's operating temperature. The two most common culprits for overheating are CPU load and substandard materials that come from buying cheap mac memory. "CPU load" is a fancy way of saying that the more your machine is doing, the hotter it will get. "Substandard materials" is a fancy name for the cheap parts you get from budget vendors. Let's talk about each of these in more detail.

MacPro Memory Overheating

CPU Load

How does memory affect CPU load? Some suppliers will provide a faster clocked memory module for your machine because those modules are more commonly available and it makes life easier for them. However, problems begin to surface when these are used without careful testing. MacBook machines, for instance, will attempt to overclock their CPU to match the faster speed of the memory when a non-spec part is used. The machine is not designed to do this, and while it does not increase the performance of the CPU, it does increase the load on it, which in turn causes the temperature of the machine to rise. This will shorten the lifespan of your memory, your CPU, and even your motherboard.

Lifetime Value

This is why Ramjet rarely uses higher speed parts than Apple's specification. When we do provide faster clocked memory, it's only after rigorous testing in the actual machines they'll be operating in. This testing ensures that the upgrade will improve overall performance and keep temperatures within the recommended guidelines. Ramjet memory is tested so they will not shorten the lifespan of your machine!

macbook pro memory by ramjet

Substandard Materials

Another concern when upgrading your memory, no matter what type of Mac you have, is the quality of the components on the DRAM memory module. When DRAM chips are manufactured, they do not all come off the line at the same level of quality. The chips are made from a wafer that holds thousands of die. Not all die are the exact same quality. Before the die are extracted from the wafer and packaged with silicon into chips, the lower quality die undergo a second and third round of testing and repair. The repaired die are made into lower quality chips that are not combined with the top quality grade chips.

Inferior Brands

These lower quality chips are sold in the open market at bargain prices to companies that use them to make inexpensive, inferior modules. Many resellers choose to carry these chips because it enables them to offer a lower price. Unfortunately, what customers don't realize is that these chips are more prone to failure and system errors. And yes, they absolutely will cause your Mac to run hotter. As we mentioned earlier, this will shorten the lifespan of not just the memory but also of your entire Mac system.

Choose Ramjet Quality

Always be sure when upgrading your Mac that you use high quality memory modules that have been tested for compatibility with your machine. Faster memory modules are not always backwards compatible and compromising quality will lead to heartache down the road. Choose Ramjet and rest easy!