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October 03, 2013 1 min read

After an Apple memory upgrade, your next stop is probably upgrading your Mac with newer Apple software.  We found this interesting article in MacTuts recently about some of the obstacles that users may encounter along the way.  Robert Anthony does an excellent job of providing users with a couple options on how to take newer software that you already own on a newer Mac system and use it for your older Mac that you just souped up with the help of new Ramjet memory.  

Newer Apple SoftwareIn this example, a 2009 MacBook Pro is going to make use of newer software (iLife) owned by a 2011 iMac.  The trick, while perfectly legal since you can make multiple installs for a single user, is to bypass the Mac Model Identifier that the install package will reject.  In the end, you avoid the frustration of having to purchase new software for your older Mac when you already own a copy elsewhere.