Mavericks - What Else Should I Do to Prepare?

Mavericks - What Else Should I Do to Prepare?

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So you know your Mac will be able to upgrade, and your machine meets all the listed technical requirements to run Mavericks. Besides ensuring your system meets the technical requirements and running software updates, it's also a good idea to create a full backup of your machine before you upgrade. While major bugs are frequently worked out before an OS becomes available for consumers to make upgrading safe, having a functional backup of your system at any time is the best way to ensure you won't lose any of your valuable data.

Apple Memory Upgrade

Using Time Machine for Your Backup

Apple makes backing up your entire machine easy for their users with Time Machine. Connect an external drive to your Mac via Thunderbolt, FireWire, or USB, and Time Machine will ask if you want to use the drive as your backup disk. You can also open Time Machine and use the Select Disk button to manually change your backup destination. Having a backup of your data is always important. You never know when you might stumble on a major bug or have your hard drive fail, so we at Ramjet always recommend having a backup. Time Machine will also continue to create backups for you after you've set it up to ensure you are protected in the future even after you upgrade.

Mavericks promises to bring exciting new features to Macs, and the fact that Apple has made it available to a wide range of users and available to download for free should help take all these new features to as many users as possible.  We hope our tips have helped you get your machine ready to upgrade.  If you need help upgrading your RAM or hard drive to be able to upgrade to Mavericks, we'd be happy to help you via our live chat, e-mail at, or give us a call at (888) RAM-JET1.