March 01, 2018 2 min read

If you aren't sure whether you can upgrade to macOS Sierra, take a look at some of our recommendations. In general, 4GB of Memory is a minimum requirement, 8GB of Memory is recommended, and 16GB or more is ideal because it gives you enough room for most of your other applications. The models below are oldest ones that still qualify for a macOS Sierra upgrade.


MacBook Pro 7,1

This MacBook Pro 7,1 was released in Mid 2010. It's published system maximum is 8GB although we can upgrade this machine to 16GB of RAM as it has been thoroughly tested in our labs. This is perfect for those who like to keep a lot of apps or browser tabs open at the same time.

MacBook 6,1

The MacBook 6,1 was released in Late 2009. Its published system maximum is 4GB. We can upgrade this machine to 8GB of RAM as it has been thoroughly tested in our labs. Running macOS Sierra on 8GB over 4GB of RAM is a significant improvement. Say goodbye to the spinning wheel of pain!

iMac 10,1

The iMac 10,1 was released in Late 2009. We call this a four slot machine because there are four memory banks. The published system maximum is 16GB or 4x4GB. Don't think about upgrading beyond the 16GB maximum. We've tried and failed many times over! If you have less than the system maximum, then you can upgrade your machine to 16GB of RAM. And don't forget, we can offer you cash back for your old RAM!

If you would like information about your Mac Pro, Mac mini, or MacBook Air, go to Part 2.