Tips and Tricks - Preview

Tips and Tricks - Preview

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Who needs Adobe Photoshop? You may not, after we show you some of the more useful tools Apple has included in Preview. There are many new features to this gem of an app and you may not even be aware that you have such a powerful tool already in with you!


Do you need to crop an image? Open your picture / image in Preview, select a portion of the image with the Rectangular Selection tool, then select Crop from the Tools menu. Viola! A fast and free way to crop your images, no other software required!


With Preview, you can quickly resize an image. Open the image, go to the “Adjust Size” option in the Tools menu, and change the size. There area a lot of options here, including the ability to resize an image based on presets, scaling proportionally, changing the resolution, and more. Taken in total, the resize capabilities of Preview is impressive, rivaling applications that cost $25 or more on the Mac App Store.

Adjust Color

Many of you probably use Apple’s Photo’s App for storing and importing your photos taken from your iPhone on your Mac. It’s a great application, but what if you download a photo and just need to quickly adjust some colors, but don’t want to add the picture to your photo library?

Again, Preview is a great solution. Just open the photo in Preview, go to the Tools menu, and select Adjust Color. The tools available to you here are impressive, and should look familiar to anyone who uses Photos, iPhoto, Adobe Photoshop, and other photo editing tools.