What is a Mac Pro?

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The Mac Pro is one of three desktop computers available from Apple today, and is the most powerful option you will have available most of the time. Different configurations and upgrades to other Macs might make them faster or more powerful, but at their base level, the Mac Pro is the best option if you are in need of a computer that offers speed. The machine has been around for several years, and even though it might resemble the older Power Mac G5, it is actually quite a bit different. Still, it does have the ability to expand and become even more powerful through upgrades.

The Intel Xeon-based computer is a true workhorse, and is a popular option for those who would normally tax their systems with the type of work they do. One of the greatest features of the Mac Pro is it's so easily upgradable in terms of RAM. You can actually add more RAM than the specs indicate, which can make your machine even more powerful.

History of the Mac Pro

The precursor to the Mac Pro was the Power Mac, which phased out several years ago. The first Mac Pro to hit the market was the Mac Pro 1,1, which debuted in August of 2006, and was replaced by a slightly different model, the Mac Pro 2,1, in April of the following year. In 2008, the next iteration, the Mac Pro 3,1 came to market offering more speed and power. In March of 2009 came the 4,1. The 5,1 model had two versions, one out in the middle of 2010, and the other in the middle of 2012. The latest version offers high speed and plenty of memory, offering up to 12 processing cores, but is quite similar to the previous version and retains the same 5,1 model identifier.

Features and Architecture

mac pro speedWith the newest Mac Pros, you will find the best quality architecture and features. You are able to choose from two different Intel processors – the Quad Core Intel Xeon processor and the 6-core Intel Xeon processor. You can even increase the performance with a 12-core system by utilizing two 6-cores. The Mac Pros have faster memory and greater memory capacity today than in the past. You can have up to 24 virtual cores thanks to the Hyper Threading feature. All the features and the high quality architecture in the machines help make them a great and powerful machine.

What Makes the Mac Pro the Computer for Professionals?

The Mac Pro is one of the most popular computers in the world today thanks to the speed, durability, security, and power that it offers. This really is the "go to" computer for professionals in many different fields, as well as for those enthusiasts who want the most powerful computers possible.

The Mac Pro is not a casual machine for a casual audience by any means. The Mac Pro features more RAM upgrade options than other machines out there today, and you will find the upgrade capabilities will actually extend beyond what the Apple specs say. When you want to get the most out of your computer, you want to make sure that you contact Ramjet. We know the actual limitations of the various models of Mac Pro on the market because we test those limits. When we sell RAM, we know it is going to work in your model of Mac Pro.