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Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard - Genuine License - Digital Delivery

Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard - License

Microsoft SQL Server has been one of the premier leaders in database technology for years.

Outfit your enterprise with the industry’s latest relational database management system. Download Microsoft SQL Server Standard with Software Assurance from Microsoft and get access to tools including Big Data clusters with Apache Spark and HDFS, Azure Machine Learning and Spark ML, intelligent query processing and more.

SQL Server Features: Standard vs. Enterprise

SQL Server Features Standard Enterprise
Compute and storage Maximum number of cores 24 OS Max
Maximum memory utilized per instance 128 GB OS Max
Maximum size 524 PB 524 PB
Intelligence over all your data SQL Server Big Data Clusters with Apache Spark and HDFS built into SQL Server engine
Data virtualization using PolyBase (including additional data sources like Oracle, Teradata, MongoDB, and other SQL Server databases)
Unified AI platform to train and operationalize models with SQL Server ML Services
Azure Machine Learning and Spark ML
Choice of language and platform Compatibility certfication
UTF-8 Support
Support for SQL Server Java extension
Industry-leading performance and availability Free DR replicas in Azure and on-premises
Intelligent Query processing: Scalar UDF inlining, table variable deferred compilation, approximate count distinct
Intelligent Query processing features: row mode memory grant feedback, batch mode for row store and automatic tuning
Automatic read-write connection re-routing
In-Memory Database: memory-optimized tempdb
In-Memory Database: Persistent Memory support
Accelerated Database recovery
Support for Kubernetes deployment
Secure and reliable Always Encrypted with secure enclaves
Transparent database encryption
Data classification and auditing
Vulnerability assessment
Quick business insights Azure Data Studio to manage SQL Server including support for T-SQL using Notebooks
SQL Server Analysis Services Direct Query

What is SQL Server 2022 Standard?

SQL Server Standard Edition provides departments and small organizations with the basic data management and business intelligence databases to run their applications and support common development tools for on-premises and cloud, enabling effectual database management with the least IT resources.

What is the latest version of SQL in 2022?

The latest version of SQL is Microsoft SQL Server 2022, released on November 16, 2022. The RTM version is 16.0.

What is the difference between SQL 2022 Standard and Enterprise?

Selecting the appropriate edition of SQL Server 2022 depends on factors such as organizational size, data processing needs, performance requirements, and budget constraints. The Enterprise edition is best for large-scale, complex operations, while the Standard edition caters to businesses with medium data needs.

Is SQL Server 2022 Free?

SQL Server 2022 Express is a free version of SQL Server, ideal for the development and production of desktop, web, and small server applications.

What is SQL Server Standard?

Microsoft SQL Server Standard is one of the leading tools for managing business data. This relational database management system uses structured query language and additional extensions to store, retrieve, and manage information.

What is the difference between SQL Server Version 2022 and 2019?

SQL Server version 2022 surpasses the 2019 version in terms of performance. With intelligent query processing and an improved in-memory database, the 2022 ensures faster processing and increased efficiency.

Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard - License