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Vendor: Ramjet

1TB SSD + 8GB RAM (4GBx2) 1333MHz Performance Package


Product Type: bundles-ram-sdd
SKU: 1TB-4Jx2
Weight: 10.4 oz
Vendor: Ramjet


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Ramjet's performance package is guaranteed to supercharge your machine's overall speed (access time), flexibility (more programs to keep open) and longer lifespan (less system heat). These packages include a high performance memory and SSD drive upgrade at a discounted price. Save big over purchasing them separately.

Compatibility: This performance package is compatible with Apple's MacBook Pro 8,1 8,2 8,3 and the Mac Mini 5,1 5,2 5,3. All of these 1333MHz machines can accept a maximum of 16GB of memory, or a pair of 8GB SO-DIMMs.

RAM specification: 8GB, DDR3, 1333Mhz, Non-ECC, Unbuffered, 1.35V, 204pin SO-DIMMs. Contains two (2) matched 4GB DRAM memory modules and is specifically designed and SPD configured for your Mac.

SSD specification: 1TB Solid State Drive, 550MB/s Read Write speed, SATA3 technology. Includes an Easy Upgrade Kit.

This module is compatible with the latest Apple Firmware.

Watch our installation video for your MacBook Pro:

or click here for Apple's installation guide for your MacBook Pro (PDF)

View the installation video for your Mac Mini below:

or click here for Apple's installation guide for your Mac Mini (PDF)