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Just wanted to drop a note to say how happy I am with Ramjet.

Over the years, I've purchased literally dozens of memory modules totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars.  Only one module ever didn't work (was DOA and replaced immediately) and the rest worked flawlessly during their entire production life.  As a multimedia engineer involved in the first Mac-based render farm in 1998 (the first we knew of and the first the folks at Terran Interactive, makers of Media Cleaner Pro, now via Discreet via Autodesk knew about), we were especially sensitive to memory issues considering the level of stability and reliability we required for our project.  Other projects since have required that same level of stability and Ramjet memory was flawless.  There are no superlatives better for an engineer and Ramjet memory is just that.

Personally and professionally, I ONLY use Ramjet because when I would stake my job and reputation on a project, I refuse to rely on any, but the best.  And the best is Ramjet.

Keep up the exceptional work.

Be well,
William Keyser

I had spoken to him on the phone after having troubles with a prior vendor's 3rd party memory (crucial).  So I was a little concerned that another 3rd party memory (especially from a vendor whose name I have heard very little about) would cause similar problems.  Eric had taken the time to verify (and reverify) the parts needed and clear any other concerns I had.  After the phone call I promptly ordered my macbook pro memory (8GB kit) and to my delight received it the next day.  Upon running some apple memory tests, the memory had passed where the other had failed.  I was relieved and ecstatic...particularly because it has renewed my trust in a vendor like RamJet and of its employee,Eric.  Exemplary customer service and product! You have a customer for life.  I have already started passing your company's name around my network.  

You made my day...Thank you!

After four attempts to get compatible ram for my aging Powerbook G4 1.25ghz 15", I called Ramjet and spoke to Steve who assured me that you guys built this ram with the "bus slewing" feature that this finicky model Powerbook requires.   I tried Kingston, PNY, generic, and even Samsung OEM (recommended) cards that did nothing but create numerous kernel panics.   It's been over a week now and I have not once had a kernel panic, freezing up, unexpected applications quitting, and weird screen saver problems.   Problems I experienced with the other brands, especially when using Adobe Bridge and Photoshop CS3.   Thanks so much for delivering fully compatible ram as you promise!!

Phil Nee

Dear Ramjet,

I would like to say that i am grateful for my new memory that i have added to my IMac and now my IMac is much faster than ever before.   I would recomend Ramjet to anybody that I know with thier fast service and excellent customer service.   Thank you for makeing my Macintosh experience faster and more efficiently.


Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome job.   Got what I ordered faster than McDonald's can get you a Big Mac.   You will definitely see return business from me.

Awesome Job!!!!!!!

Brandon Stephens

I ordered some memory for my Mac yesterday evening at 5:58 pm for overnight delivery, it arrived this morning at 9:30 am (i live in south florida), i installed, re-boot, and in business by 10 am. Do i need to say anything? I think the facts speak for themselves. What an exceptional service! Thank you

GC Netwise LLC

I installed it and I actually think it speeds up Photoshop by a noticeable margin - or maybe it was because that was the only app open at the time.

Thanks for fast ship and good customer service.


I just wanted you all to know how pleased I am with your service.   I called you today regarding an exchange, and the person I spoke to was very pleasant and helpful.  
Thanks I appreciate the great service!

I wish to express my appreciation to James in product sales for his due diligence and patience in providing this "senior" user with an enhanced insight into selecting the Ram I needed for my Mac Pro upgrade.  Further, I would like to express my gratitude to Eric in customer support for his having provided a timely order status report, plus specific shipping information, including the UPS tracking number.  The order was received on time and was extremely well packaged to ensure protection during the rigors of transportation.  The 4 gigs of Ramjet memory I ordered has been installed successfully.  System performance has been significantly improved.  Well done!

Art King
New Mexico

Received my 4GB 800Mhz Kit for iMac Intel (2x 2GB) and it is working great.

Thank You ( I saved $300.00 ).

Will continue to buy from RAMJET and recommend your site .  :-)

Thanks for the fantastic service.  I was going through the specs for my Mac G5 trying to figure out how much RAM I could use, how fast it should be, pin count, latency, etc.  because I didn't want to buy the wrong RAM and screw up my computer. There was no waiting on the phone and your sales person told me everything I wanted to know in the first five seconds.  It was a great experience and to top it off, I had the new RAM in two days...  thanks so much.

Robert Graham
Cardas Audio, Ltd.

I just wanted to send along the appreciation of the Connecticut Macintosh Connection Users Group for Ramjet's donation of the two 2 gig kits of RAM to our annual fundraising auction.   This donation proved VERY popular.  The donation helped us meet our financial goals for the year and will allow us to run educational programs for our members.  We appreciate Ramjet's support of the Macintosh community both to us and to all Mac users.   In the next day or two I will have additional thanks and publicity at our website,, and additional thanks and publicity will be in our upcoming January newsletter.

Please send our thanks and appreciation around the company.  Happy Holidays and many thanks.


Rich Lenoce, Auction Chair
Connecticut Macintosh Connection

Just as all of your testimony suggested, the site, products and service from RamJet are all stellar.  My G4 Powerbook 2GB memory came as expected - well packed, documented and easy to install.  The Powerbook now screams through Illustrator and Photoshop like the old hot knife and butter saying.  I think the total down time for the upgrade was a paltry 5 minutes.  All my friends now know about you!

Awesome! Thank you, JB in Hollywood, CA

To the team at Ramjet:
I just wanted to write and express my sincere thanks for handling my order in such a quick and professional manner; you completely lived up to your boast of shipping the same day you received my order and it arrived Next Day Air yesterday, as promised.  I just installed the 2 memory modules and, of course, they worked perfectly!! I find it the exception, unfortunately, in today's business world, for companies to make good on their promises of a quality product delivered promptly, but you have completely lived up to your end of the transaction! Thank you, again, for 100% satisfaction, you have earned my trust and I will be glad to tell my friends of your fine company & excellent service!!
Happy New Year to all of you!
Sincerely....................Bruce Weller

Awesome.  Parts ordered around 2:30pm yesterday arrived around 9:30 this morning; installed before 10:00 and everything works like a charm.   Couldn't be happier with your service even if the transporter was working.

Best in good health,

I would like to thank you for providing such outstanding customer service.  Your company product may be high-tech, but the company's staff reflect the charm and consideration of an era past.  Case in point: I called the store late yesterday afternoon; Eric answered the phone.  I was shocked to be speaking with a person; we all just assume that we will encounter the automated system that has us pushing buttons for five minutes before we're put on hold (listening to really bad music or ads that don't concern us).  I placed my order, but wanted to know if my purchase could be sent overnight.  Eric put me on hold for only seconds and came back with the answer I wanted to hear: YES! My package was delivered before 10:00 AM PT.

The product has been installed in both computers.  Installation was without incident and both units are running fast and running happy.  Nothing's better than a fast, happy Mac.

Oh, and kudos to your site.  You make it remarkably easy for the layperson to find what they need; even I didn't feel stupid.  I felt empowered and knew exactly what was to be purchased.

I have referred Ramjet to everyone in my address book.  Intrusive I know, but it needed to be done.

I appreciate and thank you for your efforts.


I just want to say that your company is the only company that I will deal with when I upgrade ram.   I've been trying to upgrade my Mac Mini and was told by Macintosh that my computer could only support up to 2 GB of ram.   The customer service rep from Ramjet was able to identify my needs and recommend the actual ram upgrade for my computer which is 4 GB.   Thanks you Aaron and the whole team from Ramjet!

Your newest loyal customer,

Joe Vettori

The time finally came for me to upgrade the RAM on my precious 8 Core Mac Pro.  I feel like I exhausted every possibility on the web.  I chose RamJet because, after all my research, I honestly felt the most comfortable with the organization and presentation of information on your website.  It was a bit of a risk to buy from you, as I have never purchased from you before, but I have to say...I am very pleased with my purchase.  I have been running Pro Applications from the Final Cut Studio suite for the past couple of days.  It feels good to burn through Motion, Final Cut, and Color all simultaneously, with multiple tasks at hand, and forget about performance and longevity, and just WORK.  What a breath of fresh air.  My Mac has never been happier, and I couldn't be happier with my experience with your company.  I appreciate the quick response emails, the fast and informed shipping process, and of course I am thrilled with the quality of the product.  Long as each as experience from here on out is the same, I will not be purchasing my RAM from anywhere else.  I will also be recommending you to all my friends and colleagues.  

Thank you so much.

Jeremy McKenna

I got it and my computer is Soo much faster now!! Thanks!!


Sent from my iPhone

Dear Ramjet,
Thank you for your fast shipping.  Great product.  I installed the Ram and now my computer is lightning fast! Thanks again,
-Greg Hanks

Thanks, John.  They took good care of me.

I would like to say that every interaction I've had with your company's staff has not only been pleasant, but extremely positive.  I will be recommending Ramjet to friends and family.

Thank you,

I am sending this msg in order to state my satisfaction regarding a recent purchase of laptop RAM memory from your shop.

The order was towards Greece and on time (about 10 working days) via USPS. I specifically support shipment via USPS towards Greece because other courier servers (UPS, DHL etc) illogically charge enormous custom fees whether USPS packets are received and handled by the the greek National Post Office (>USPS tracking numbers can be inserted at this website for tracking packets inside the country).

The guide for laptop-memory suitability is SUPERB. My OFFICIAL Macbook manual stated that it was equipped with DDR2 PC2 5300 200pin memory when that was not the case. My Macbook is late 2008 (one of the first unibody models) and was among the first to be equipped with DDR3 1067 Mhz 204 pin memory. Confused by that contradiction, I contacted your shop and kindly was offered the above info.

The swap was done by me with no problem at all and I'm now at ease equipped with 4 GB of RAM memory.   Next step, a hard drive...Maybe SSD when prices drop a little and capacity increases.

Well, greetings from Greece and KEEP UP the excellent work.

From my part, you 'll get all the advertising you deserve!

Arvanitidis Efthymios,

When Helen & I returned from the RV Show Monday, my replacement drive (RMA: 65064) was here.   I swapped it out last night and as expected, everything is great! I just wanted to thank you guys from sales to customer service for excellent customer support.   Ya'll are a breath of fresh air in today's "iffy" market place.   The return shipment will leave today when our UPS guy comes in or we will drop it off at UPS tonight.   Thanks Again,

H.W.  "Billy" Thibodeaux

I recently ordered a 4gb memory kit.   It arrived quickly and works great.   Thank you for your service.

Leslie Rice

I just wanted to thank you for your attention to my order.   It was refreshing and a pleasure to have my email answered, to get immediate feedback and to have the right order go out on time despite my mistake.   I've bought from you guys before, but I've also bought elsewhere.   I think I'll be buying all my RAM from you from now on.

I truly appreciate the direct, hands-on approach.

Thanks again.

I just did and Tiva (I think that was his name) was SUPER helpful in solving my problem.  I've got a replacement kit on the way! Thanks so much!


Sent from my iPhone

Thanks ramjet for the 6gb Mac book pro ram upgrade.  My machine flies now and it was a reasonable price.  Props!

Best regards,
Zachary J.  Davis, M.A.

Just wanted to say thank you and let you know that I will be recommending Ramjet to my friends and colleagues.   I installed the RAM with no problems and it is working great!

Patrick Brennan

I just want to thank you on how fast I got the package and for your help in making sure I get the right one for my IMac, it works perfect, and in the future I will buy my computer needs from you.  Thank you

Sincerely Valerie

Good evening,
As promised, your memory worked without a glitch in my late 2008 aluminum Macbook.  Great customer service.  Should I read anywhere else of individuals with compatibility probs I'll recommend your company.  
Thank you,
Bob Cote Jr

I am definitely happy with the solution and your company in general.  It is rare these days to find a company or individuals as responsive as you and yours have been.  I just placed my order, and it worked perfectly.  I even appreciated the pop-up notifying me of the shipping based on my location.

Thanks again, and you can bet I will post my positive experience to the forums,


You guys have totally raised the bar on good customer service.  I installed the stock ram back in the machine and darned if the problem showed up again. I went back for the 3rd time to the Apple Store and found a Genius that was familiar with the problem (the other 2 weren't).

The result is I put you through re-sending more ram that was not the problem.  None of us thought it was actually the ram but it seemed to be the only variable from a stock machine and Safari, an Apple standard product.

Well, it is Safari, not the ram.  The replacement ram arrived today and I will be sending it back unopened.  I will be happy to have you charge me for the freight as it was not Ramjet's problem.  I am very impressed with your not pointing the finger at Apple or me, but rather sucked it up and attempted to fix the problem by doing more than necessary and absorbing the cost of shipping.

In these days of constant blame, Ramjet rose above and beyond and for that, you have my highest respect and I cannot imagine buying ram from anyone else and recommending Ramjet forever more.

Thank you,
Jeff Jones

Just a quick note to say thank you for the RAM I ordered, and more than that, the expertise of the person I talked to who explained very clearly and well the things to know in making the purchase.

The computer is running better than ever, and I appreciate your service.


In all my professional career, I have never seen a better configured, clearer or more concise website than you folks provide.

The detail, the idea that you actually "hold my hand" and show me - -a self described "computer dummy" how to determine what I need in plain, easy to understand graphics and language is fabulous.

Next week when my tech comes over, I will, with his help buy some additional "memory" for my computers.

What you people should do is start a "how-to-treat-computer-customers-university"- -Wonderful job.   Keep it up. If your product(s) are half as good as your website, I'll be more than pleased.

Very Truly Yours,
A satisfied for-sure customer from Madison, Wisconsin

Thanks RamJet for the excellent service...quick shipping...and the instructions for my MacMini installation instructions.  although I found another guide at even better.   The 512 to 2GB upgrade makes the MacMini load Skype and Google Earth 2 to 4 X's as fast...and loads Opera and Mac Mail instantly.  Thanks, Dale K.  Honolulu.

You don't mind hearing from another happy customer, do you? I completed my 2 GB RAM installation on my iMac Flat Panel about two weeks ago and I am very pleased with the result.  Installing it was as easy and trouble-free as your website implied.  I especially appreciated having a knowledgeable person to speak with by phone to allay my concerns and answer my questions before purchase.  Thanks again.

John Brenner

I phoned this morning and spoke with James telling him that my PowerMac G5 was not recognizing the 4 GB of Ram that I installed yesterday.

I just wanted to let him know that he was so right!! I just wasn’t pushing it hard enough into the slots.  I had to push down hard on the corners to make it clip.

So in other words, Life is Good!!

Thanks so much for your help!
~Vickie Kleysteuber

Just wanted to let you know your site is the best I've used.  Concise, easy, quick, logical, displays correctly.   Check out was simple.   The information on the differences between models and ram were clear cut.  Don't change!

The only improvement you should make is to get your webmaster to make it come up on the first page of Google.  Have him fix that in the header, I guess.

Suzanne Taylor/Raa Middle School :]

thanks so much for getting back to me about all of this.  you guys have the best customer service i've experience in years from any company.

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received last Thursday with my 1Gig SDRAM Kit purchase for my iMac.  I called late in the afternoon in a semi-panic, because I needed more memory for a work program that was being installed on my computer.  The gentleman who helped me was great and told me he would personally walk my package down for shipment, to ensure that it would be sent Thursday night; he also told me that the package would arrive early Friday morning, which it did.  I can’t tell you how thankful I am for this, because I needed all the work to be completed on my computer by Friday afternoon.

Thanks again very much for your help.  I will recommend your company and shop with you in the future.

Kind regards,
Stephanie Chatanay Cox

Just to let you know that I received my RAM when promised and it works great.  

Installing it in my Intel Mac Mini was not so great...

...I followed some well-illustrated Web instructions for opening the Mini's case, in spite of the abundant warnings (*putty knives*??), and managed to mangle the Mini's contents enough to require serious intervention.   (This, ulp, from a Mac consultant -- we cannot be masters of all things, especially teentsy-tiny made-by-robots things.) To my delight, someone at our one local brick-and-mortar Mac dealer, Monterey Bay Computer Works, managed to fit the cracked coupling and clips together, seal the case and confirm that the Mini in fact booted up and ran happily.

Thank you for your expert advice on the phone!

Thanks for the great service and speedy delivery.  The memory looks great and I will give it a try as soon as my new (back ordered) Mac Pro arrives.  I will certainly recommend you to all my friends etc.  I am just a little disappointed to see the price drop the very next day after I received my last order and in the same week as my first order but that is the kind of luck I usually have with computer equipment.  The Mac pro will probably be upgraded or the price will drop right after I get mine.  It always happens that way for me.

Thomas Peters

Got my ram this morning.  you guys are AWESOME!!!

Thanks, you guys ROCK! :)

Thanks, John.  Love your (hold) music.  (I can't be the first one with that quip...).

Great service!

Hello, Eric, Aaron and everyone,
I wanted to take a moment to let you know that my father received the 512 MB RAM chip I ordered for him without any problem.  He told me that it arrived promptly and was in good condition.  It has not been installed yet (as his age and physical health have made it harder for him to get out of the house) but my brother will be visiting him for about a week, and hopefully during his visit he will take Dad's laptop to a store where a certified technician can install it.

I'll send you a brief update when it's up and running.  Thank you again for your help, advice and good service.  I was glad to be able to give you some more business.

david pardue

Thank You guys so much for the quality product.  I am now able to run parallels with out any problems or lack of memory on my macbook black.  I run a power washing company so I am back and forth all day between mac and pc with this 2 gig of ram from ramjet it makes my life so much easier to do this kind of switching with out any problems.  I have no words to describe this other than wow.

just fyi i used to had to close all os x applications to run XP but now i can run mail safari itunes and my calendar all while running XP with access and powerpoint all at the same time with no spinning beach ball of death stopping me.

Thank You
Lundin Matthews
Brite-Rite PowerWash

Thank you John.   I have spoken with your people and they were as helpful and positive as you were.  It's a pleasure to deal with a company that understands a helpful positive attitude!

Thanks very much indeed.  Ramjet is clearly a high-class operation.

George Johnson

Thank you very much for following up.   The process of this purchase has been spectacular.   I have installed my RAM and I look forward to testing out my MacBook Pro now that it has 2gigs of RAM!


Thank you for helping me to upgrade the ram in my macbook pro.  I looked at a few sites before checking yours out.  The professional look of your site, and the focus on Apple computers made me lean toward using your service.  After seeing all of the positive feedback, I went with Ramjet.  Now I know from now on where to go.  The memory came very quickly and works perfectly.  


This has been a most pleasant business experience.


Kudos to Ramjet -- a real live person answered the phone after only 1 or 2 rings.   I haven't encountered that level of personal service in a long time.   At a mimimum I hear a "your call is important to us" recording which is annoying.   It was great to have someone pick up that quick.   You guys will have my business (and any friends that I can talk to) for a long, long time.

Just a note to let you know what great service you have.  It is nice to know that there are still business's providing great products and service at reasonable cost. You two day delivery turned out to be less than one day.  The memory is installed and the computer is up at warp speed.  Thanks again.  
Jim Pollick

Dear Ramjet,
I welcome the new website.  Nice and Fast as usual!

You folks are really one of the best internet companies I have ever worked with.   I have been a loyal fan since I believe 1996! (power mac 8500) oy oy oy. I now do Mac Consulting here in my home town and recommend Ramjet to all my clients, for every upgrade.  So, at least once a week I have a client ordering.   The best part is that when ever I call (with my client) Eric, James or someone else answers the phone IMMEDIATELY! My client(s) are ever so impressed! HOW COOL IS THAT.  AWESOME.  GREAT SERVICE!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS.

Peace out,


My name is Keith Hedger and I've been having a problem with some memory that I ordered from Ramjet.  The problem is now solved and I wanted to write to tell you two things:

1) the original memory that you shipped to me (for which you sent me replacements) should be shipped tomorrow

2) I've used your products before and never had any problems.  I wanted to say that you have really good products and that your support engineers (james and eric in my case) were excellent in helping me understand and solve the problem I was having.


Love the new look on the website!!!
A Long Time Customer...
Jose Garcia

I was recommended Ramjet.Com by a professor.  I have a MacBook Pro 15" and I purchased the 1G DDR2 PC2-5300.  It was so easy to install, and so far so good.  The only thing I would recommend to people who are not computer savvy like me is that in your mac, you need a precision screwdriver to open up your memory case, and Ramjet doesn't sell them, so make sure you purchase one at your local RadioShack, etc.  I would definitely buy from Ramjet again, and I will recommend all my friends, too.  Thank You!

Wow! I've got to say that I really like the new web site look...

I just want to say that u guys are really really efficient, speedy, and by far have the best customer service i have seen online.  Everything went through without a problem.  Even when i had to return a product, usually most companies give a hassle, u guys didn't hassle me at all.  Everything you did was perfect.  The representative that got my call was Eric.  Seriously he is really good.  I will definitely recommend Ramjet to anyone I know who needs to get ram.  That was excellence serivice.  Thank you

Alexander P.

I cannot express how much I appreciate you guys.  I've been buying RAM from you for the past 4 years, starting with my Pismo in 2002.  I just purchased 2GB for my new MacBook, and the improvement over the standard 512MB is awesome.  Minimum page swaps, and I've got plenty of space to move around with multiple virtualized platforms running simultaneously.

I point all my friends in your direction.

As always, high quality product that got here fast and when I needed it.  Don't ever change.

-jon b

Thank you, John! Your diligence is greatly appreciate and that is PRECISELY why I've been a return customer to RAMJET!

In fact, John, I have recommended RAMJET to a number of people.   Good service and customer support are at a premium today.   RAMJET has lived up to that standard and I consider myself a tough consumer!

Very truly yours,

Paul T.  Klenk

I just wanted to drop a quick line and let you know how pleased I am with Ramjet.  I received my RAM in 2 days via UPS.   It installed easily and my Macbook Pro booted right up with no problems.  I will definitely order from you again.  In the day where customer service seems to be on the downslide, yours is top notch.  Again, keep up the great work.



Just wanted to thank James for following up with my order this week.As a first time buyer/user of your website, I was unsure that my order went through correctly.  James answered on the second ring, assured me that the order probably went through, then followed up with a phone call once the order was processed.  I received my order as expected the next day!

Thanks again!

Lori - Ann Arbor, MI

Hello Eric,

AS USUAL! Excellent service, received my Ram in just two days! Just wanted to brag on you guys again!

Thx for everything!

Lynne Danesh

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys.  Your site was really friendly for finding what I needed, and your service has been prompt and friendly.

I rarely order from any where but new egg, but i wanted to be safe on compatability.  I'm glad I found your site.


Mr.  Buckley,

Thanks for your reply and exceptional efforts to satisfy a new customer.  As we all know that word of mouth is the greatest advertisement, I will be certain to speak to as many associates as possible giving the highest regard to the people and products at Ramjet.  Thanks once again.

I received the replacement ram chip today and it works perfectly.   Thanks for the quick response.   This is my second purchase from your company and it won't be my last.   I have been purchasing all kinds of equipment these days from various retailers and none of them have service as good as yours.   Top notch.   I would (and will ) recommend you to anyone.   Thanks again,

James Hays

Thanks very much - I forgot to say thanks for my last RAM order too.  It is a pleasure to deal with your company, you keep me in touch with my order process, and it ships on time for a great price.  Doesn't get much better than that!!


I am just impressed with your prompt shipping and excellent service.

Thank You,
Alan Stewart
IT Manager
Honolulu Star-Bulletin & MidWeek

Want to say thanks for the excellent memory I just purchased.  Thanks for the memory! I bought 1 Gig of Ram for my powerbook and it's working fine.


Received my replacement chip today for one that went bad in my Titanium Powerbook after 4 years.  Thanks for honoring your lifetime replacement warranty, and for your prompt and courteous phone service.  You guys are great! You'll continue to be my first choice for RAM.


I just wanted to thank you guys.
Everything was flawless, so far its working fine and the shipping and costumer service were outstanding !!!

Thanks again
I will definitely will be doing business again with you, and will recommend you...

Nicolas S.

Great thanks,

I recommend Ramjet to everyone.
Over the years you and what I've ordered is most reliable and price competitive.

Dear Ramjet:

Thank you for your extra SUPER fast service.
Already my 1 gig of RAM for my new iBOOk is out for UPS delivery nearby here! Amazing!

Thank you again and have a fun/safe holiday!

Denise R.  Danielson

The RAM arrived today and I thought my new dual core was fast before !!!!
1.  Outstanding product
2.  Outstanding service

We will be updating all of our new Imacs next week.


Bob Sandifer

I would like to commend Ramjet for the prompt transmittal of the new memory and the outstanding service I have received.

Richard A.  Platt

This is the second time I have purchased RAM from Ramjet for a Mac.   Everything went so smoothly both times.   You guys are so efficient and the RAM is of such high quality that I will never order memory from anywhere else.

Thanks so much.

Skip Davis

Just want to commend Ramjet for my excellent purchasing experience with your company.

I initially tried to order RAM from one of "the other guys" for a price slightly lower than the Ramjet cost.  

Big mistake.   Not only was this company unwilling to do the paperwork necessary to FedEx the delivery to my home in Canada; they were also rude and unhelpful when I called to try and sort it out.  

In short, I was happy to pay slightly more but get quality customer service and swift delivery for my order.  

Thanks Ramjet! I'll recommend your company to anyone who asks for my opinion.  

Russell Gordon
Kitchener, Ontario, CANADA

I just wanted to commend you on your excellent customer service.   I received the new memory today and it installed correctly and I will be sending back the defective one right away.   I'm impressed with how smoothly you sent replacements, and that you did not hassle me whatsoever about doing it.  


Aaron and Eric,
I received my ram (512mb for iMac G4 15in) the other day and just wanted to drop you both a note to say thank you for the excellent service.  I can say with all certainty that I will recommend RAMJET to anyone I know who is shopping for ram.  Again, thank you both.  

J.  Wojcik

Thanks for getting back to me.   I did upgrade with Ramjet RAM - 2 times 512, an I instaled a 120 G Maxtor internal....  smoking now! Thanks for the speedy reply.  

Your comany has a nice website.   Keep up the great work.  


Ramjet Memory Reviews

Thank you so much for assisting both via e mail and the phone with the installation of the memory for my iMAC.   We are up and running...  

Ramjet Memory Reviews

Last year, in June, I bought a pair of 512 MB chips for my imac.   It would not work with both chips installed.   With the help of your staff we tried various tricks.   In fact, I even sent one back and a new one was sent.   Very kind.   The technicians said I could return the chip anytime and get a refund.   But I kept the chip anyway, thinking the problem would wrk itself out by some stroke of luck.  

Well, as time passed, little by little, odd things would happen with the computer...programs lost, quitting, data disappearing, etc.   most of the problems were easily solved.   No viruses were detected with the Norton Antivirus I have installed (which runs constantly in the background).   Then, one day....CRASH....the machine was in a coma ! Luckily, I found someone to fix it.   I lost very little data and only a few files.   I was grateful for that.  

However, using Disk warrior, the man who fixed it found a nsaty virus that was randomly picking out pieces of files and programs and redistributing them randomly around the hard drive, some disappearing completely.   This probably came in via one of those obnoxious emails, which I trash immediately.   The most affected file was the Explorer Favorites file.   But it made a mess of many other things.   I thought your techs might benefit from this info.  

The jist of this is that he was able to successfully install both 512 MB chips after the bad stuff was removed and repairs were made.   So, I thought I would tell you that it all worked out.   The fault lay with a nasty virus that was not easily detected.   It seems I had it for around a year !

The machine works fine now with the 1 GB chip set installed and I am pleased I held on to the second chip.   What a nice bunch of support people you have and what a nice set of products you sell.  


Bob Lepak
Saranac Lake, NY

Ramjet Memory Reviews

Just wanted to thank you guys for such awesome service and customer support.  I'm recommending you to all my friends.  


Ramjet Memory Reviews

I'd like to thank you for the immediate remediation of a shipping mistake.   Decent customer service is rare, you should be proud of yourselves.  

Thank You
Dan Sohn

Ramjet RAM Reviews

Dear RamJet

I would like to join the ranks of those that are singing your praises.   Your website is easy to navigate and has all the info needed to perform RAM upgrades on all the various (and latest) Macs.   I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it is indeed true a phone call to your 1800 number is answered by a real human who very quickly can give you the answers you need.  Great Job! Will recommend your site to everyone I know!


Ramjet RAM Reviews

Thank you for continuing to provide exceptional service and product.  It is because of this that I will continue purchasing memory from your company.  I appreciate your effort and wanted to acknowledge said same.  

A satisfied customer,

Storm North

Ramjet RAM Reviews

Received the memory.   Installed it this morning.   You guys are terrific.  


Brian D.  Johnson

Ramjet RAM Reviews

I just wanted to write to say thanks for the quick delivery of the 1 GB memory for my Mac.   I was a little leery of buying something off the internet like this but after a phone call to your company where I talked to a very knowledgeable person I made the order, was told how to install it by myself and received it only a few days later.   I had it all installed in about two minutes flat and was off and running.   I've already told me sister about you and she'll be ordering from you shortly.

Thanks again.

Ramjet Reviews

Recently, I placed an order with you for a 512 chip.  I knew I was in good hands when my call was answered by a human being on the second ring.  After the chip arrived, I needed some information and called once again.  Imagine my utter surprise and pleasure when, once again, the phone was picked up on the second ring.  So the first time wasn't a fluke as I thought it might be.  The satisfaction of talking one on one is so pervasive that I am thinking of calling to order chips that I don't need, just for the pleasure of having the phone picked up.  Thank you, jslater

Thank you very much for the prompt reply to my inquiries.  In a day and age of automated everything it is nice to see a company that still believes in customer service by real people.  

Kenny Sterling

Ramjet Reviews

Thank you for your prompt service! Not only did I receive my RAM in just a few days, but you guys saved me a $130.00 on my laptop ram (compared to apple factory direct pricing.) again thanks.

Scott Witte

Ramjet Reviews

I live in Canada, and I ordered a gig of RAM for my arrived in less than 24 hours.  When I put the new ram in, I noticed that my local chain computer store put Ramjet RAM in my rig the last time I upgraded it! I was pleased to skip the middleman, and pay less!

I will not buy RAM from anyone else...thanks Ramjet! Good work and the best price I could find!

Andrew White
Edmonton, Ab., Canada