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Vendor: Microsoft

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 MAC License


Product Type: Office Application Software
SKU: T5D-03203
Vendor: Microsoft

Year: 2019
Edition: Home & Business

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Office 2019

With Office 2019 Home & Business work from just about anywhere

The Office 2019 Home and Business suite includes professional apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook to cover all your bases with. You can easily save files in a wide variety of formats, and share content with anyone that you would like. Get your projects to teammates, colleagues, your boss, or clients in a split second via OneDrive, email, or file sharing.

Office 2019 is fully cloud-capable, touchscreen-optimized and accessible via Microsoft Web Apps to allow you to work from anywhere with any device.

Upgraded Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook have been thoughtfully enhanced, with new time-saving features and a sleek modern look.


Discover the Power of Office Home & Business 2019

Home and Business users get instant access to Outlook 2019 as well, handling email and personal time management. Set up meetings, appointments, reminders, and schedule professional messages easier than ever before. This is an essential tool for anyone with a business — don’t miss out on acquiring it.

Owning your own business is a great and exhilarating feeling at times, who doesn’t want to be their own boss? Office as a whole makes it easier for you to manage and organize your business.

The Office Home & Business 2019 suite also takes the stressful and overwhelming elements of being a business owner into account. Microsoft developed the Home and Business edition to help you ease workloads, be more productive, and have better solutions to your problems.

With a one time purchase and download, you’ll be able to utilize Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. These are the same classic applications that you are used to using if you have had Office before, but they have gotten better with time. The new features are designed more intuitively to allow you to work more efficiently and produce more professional documents.

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Office 2019 Home & Business comes with software you already know and love, including Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook. This package contains all of the software you need to run your business, with upgrades that take advantage of new generation Mac computers. Utilize the new Touch Bar, Siri’s speech recognition, and much more while working in Office.

All of the applications you’ll receive come with numerous upgrades from the 2016 versions. Don’t miss out on new features, improvements, and enhancements to your Office experience on Mac.

Make your projects more accessible by saving files in a number of file formats. Share these documents via Outlook, OneDrive, AirDrop or any file sharing service with ease.

Office 2019 Home Business for Mac is a perfect fit for small business owners primarily working on a Mac system. Make it easier to organize your business with the best suite available on the market. Make this one time purchase, and you can download all essential Office tools onto your Mac.

Additionally, Home and Business users also get a OneDrive account to easily save and share all documents. OneDrive works like a charm when it comes to cloud services — it will automatically save your files, sync them across devices, and allow you to access them from anywhere.