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Maximize Your Mac Pro: 96GB DDR3 ECC 1333MHz RAM Upgrade for 2013 Model 6.1


Product Type: MP-DDR3-1866
SKU: MP32Kx3
Weight: 0.6 oz
Vendor: Ramjet


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Elevate your Mac Pro's performance with our 96GB DDR3 ECC 1333MHz memory upgrade kit, perfectly tailored for the 2013 Mac Pro Model 6.1. This kit, featuring three (3) 32GB DRAM modules, is the ideal solution for those seeking a mac pro memory upgrade, designed to meet the exact specifications and performance standards of your Mac Pro.

Understanding how to upgrade Mac Pro memory is crucial for achieving optimal system performance. These modules have been SPD configured to integrate seamlessly, ensuring compatibility with the 2013 Mac Pro processor's configuration. As a result, these mac pro memory RAM modules will operate at a bus speed of 1066-MHz, aligning with the processor's specifications.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Total Capacity: 96GB Kit (32GBx3), enhancing your mac pro ram memory capabilities.
  • Memory Type: DDR3 ECC 1333MHz (PC3-10600), ensuring reliable error correction and system stability.
  • Speed: 1333MHz, providing a bandwidth of 8.5GB/s for faster data processing and transfer.
  • Latency: CAS 9-9-9-24, designed for minimal delay in response times.
  • Cycle Time: 5 nanoseconds, for quick memory cycling and refresh.
  • Error Correction: ECC with Dual Rank structure, crucial for workstation tasks requiring precision.
  • Certification: RoHS Certified, adhering to environmental safety standards.
  • Module Size: 256x72, compatible with Mac Pro's form factor.
  • Voltage: 1.5V operation for energy-efficient performance.
  • Form Factor: Standard 240-pin DIMMs, fitting the Mac Pro's memory slots perfectly.

Each of these high-quality ECC DIMMs includes the Apple Specified Thermal EPROM Sensor, ensuring your Mac Pro operates within the optimal thermal range, even under intense workloads. Whether you're upgrading for professional video editing, complex data analysis, or advanced graphic design, this mac pro memory upgrade kit is designed to take your Mac Pro to the next level of performance and reliability.

Click here to find Apple's installation guide for the 2013 Mac Pro.