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64GB DDR3 ECC 1866MHz RAM Upgrade for 2013 Mac Pro Model 6.1 - Quad 16GB Modules


Product Type: MP-DDR3-1866
SKU: MP16Kx4
Weight: 0.6 oz
Vendor: Ramjet


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64GB (16GBx4) DDR3 ECC 1866MHz Memory for 2013 Mac Pro Model 6.1

Boost your 2013 Mac Pro's performance with our 64GB (16GBx4) DDR3 ECC 1866MHz SDRAM kit. This Mac Pro memory upgrade is specifically designed and SPD configured for peak compatibility and performance with the 2013 Mac Pro Model 6.1.

Our premium Mac Pro memory RAM modules come with the Apple Specified Thermal EPROM Sensor, ensuring your system remains cool and stable under intense workloads. This is crucial for professionals who need their Mac Pro RAM memory to operate reliably at all times.

Key Specifications:

  • Total Capacity: 64GB (16GBx4)
  • Bus Speed: DDR3-1866MHz (PC3-14900)
  • Form Factor: ECC DIMM, Dual Rank, Unbuffered
  • No. of Pins: 240
  • Voltage: 1.5V
  • CAS Latency: 7-7-7-20
  • Bandwidth: 8.5GB/s
  • Certification: ROHS Certified

Installation Guide for 2013 Mac Pro RAM Upgrade

The following installation video covers the Mac Pro DDR3-1866Mhz.

Click here to find Apple's installation guide for the 2013 Mac Pro.