8GB MacBook Memory for 2008 to Mid 2010 Models 5,1 6,1 and 7,1

DDR3-1066, 1066Mhz, PC3-8500, CAS Latency 7, Non-ECC, Unbuffered, 1.5V, 204pin SO-DIMM.

Contains one (1) 8GB DRAM memory modules and is specifically designed and SPD configured for the MacBook Unibody Aluminum Model. You must be running Lion (10.7) or later and the latest Apple Firmware to address 8GB modules in the MacBook 7,1.

The Aluminum MacBook has a 6GB max out of the box, but can be upgraded to 8GB when running Snow Leopard (10.6.6) or 16GB when running Lion (10.7) or later, along with the latest Apple Firmware.

Click here to download Apple's installation guide (PDF.)

DDR3-1066-SODIMM - 8GB MacBook Memory For 2008 To Mid 2010 Models 5,1 6,1 And 7,1