Mac Tips and Tricks - Spotlight

Mac Tips and Tricks - Spotlight

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Many Mac users may not realize the powerful tool they have available to them at all times. That tool is the Spotlight Search, the small magnifying glass all recent Macs have in the upper right hand corner of their screen. Here are some really cool things that you can do with Spotlight Search.


Are you working on a recipe and need to convert liters to gallons? In this example, I just typed in 12 liters, and Spotlight automatically shows what that conversion is in gallons. It also shows the conversion to quarts, cubic feet, pints, and cups!


I love sports, as many people do, but we can’t just leave ESPN up and running in a web browser all day long. I just want to know what the Detroit Tigers score was yesterday. In Spotlight, I typed in “Tigers Score” and, intelligently, Spotlight showed me the score from yesterday!


Type in Weather and a zip code, and you will get the current weather conditions, as well as the forecast for the coming week. You could also type “Weather New York” and get the same results, but your results are much more accurate if you use a zip code.

Natural Language Search

This one is very handy. So yesterday, I was working on a graphic. I could not remember the name of the file nor where I saved it on my hard drive. What to do? Easy! Type in “files I worked on yesterday” and Spotlight will show you all the files you worked on the day before. It also works with “Files I opened last Tuesday” and the like. Spotlight will also show a preview. Big time saver!


Need to do quick math, but don’t feel like navigating your hard drive to bring up the calculator? No worries, you just type in the math problem right in the Spotlight search window.

Do you know any Spotlight Search tricks? Let us know, and we will share them in a future email!

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