Mac Tips and Tricks - Hide Menu Bar

Mac Tips and Tricks - Hide Menu Bar

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Apple loves hiding little tricks your Mac can do with little documentation. They have been doing this since they released the first 128k Mac in 1984! Find below a few tips that you may not know.

Hid Menu Bar - It’s omni-present at the top of every Mac screen. The Menu Bar. Did you know that you can hide the menu bar, similar to how you can hide the Dock? Open the System Preferences, then go to General. You can then click “Automatically hide and show the menu bar” as an option. When you hide the menu bar, it will pop back down when you mouse over the area.

Dark Menu - In the same preference panel, you can also make the menu bar “dark”. I do a lot of computer work later at night, and having a dark menu is much easier on my eyes. It’s a cool feature, one most Mac users don’t use. Give it a shot!

Batch Rename - Have you ever had the need to rename a folder full of files? In Mac OS X Yosemite and later, Apple has given us a great way to do so right in the Finder. First, put all the files you want to rename into a folder.

Next, select all the files, then click the cog icon. One of the options is to rename the files. In our example here, I have five items that I want to rename, so I chose “Rename 5 Items” and then selected Format. I want to use the format “Ramjet” and start with number 1. Once you click the “Rename” button, all five files will have the new format names! Quick, simple, and a big time saver!

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