Ramjet’s Mac Memory Benefits

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Ramjet provides certified, high-end memory for Macs. Read on to learn more about the benefits.

What Role Does Memory Play Inside of Your Mac?  Mac RAM plays a vital role in determining the overall performance of your Macintosh computer. Macmemory is utilized as a way to store information that needs to be accessed quickly by the computer when it is performing normal functions.

When you open up an application, for instance, that application is stored in Memory. The faster your RAM allows your computer to access information, the faster the application will perform. This is particularly noticeable in situations when the user is using very large, resource demanding applications. It is also noticeable when the user is running multiple applications and rapidly switching between them. In either of these cases, having more RAM will benefit the user in providing faster performance and more stable performance.

How Can You Find Out How Much Memory You Have Inside Your Mac?

Finding out how much memory you have available on Apple products is generally a very easy process. This will be the first step involved if you want to determine whether or not you need to upgrade your memory to accommodate greater demand on your system.

How Much Memory Do I Currently Have?

Find out how much memory you have inside a MacOn your Mac, go to the top left of your screen and open up the Apple menu. Click the entry labeled "About This Mac." A dialog box will appear, showing the amount of memory you have installed. The line that reads "Memory" refers to the RAM available on the system, and also gives you the type of RAM and its speed.

What Determines the Quality of Memory?

There are only a handful of wafer manufacturers of DRAM in the market today. Some of the most well-known manufacturers include Micron, Samsung, Elpida, and Hynix. Ramjet works with all of these top brands and are the same brands Apple uses. You can be assured we only source original quality memory products that are extensively tested with the Mac user in mind.

What Determines the Speed of Memory?

One of the interesting things about RAM is, in some cases, the speed of RAM actually exceeds the speed that can be utilized by the computers in which it is installed. There are several factors that go into determining the overall speed of memory, and the speed that RAM is rated at simply denotes the maximum possible speed for that RAM.

You do have to determine how much memory your computer can actually handle, to start with. This will depend upon your make and model.

On a motherboard, there is a component called a bus. The bus determines how fast the computer can actually transfer information from the memory to the processor. The bus on your motherboard and any RAM you purchase will have a megahertz speed rating. If your RAM has a higher megahertz rating than your motherboard, it will simply run at the highest possible speed the motherboard can handle.

Remember that RAM is not the only variable involved in determining how fast your computer runs. If you upgrade the RAM in your Macintosh to the fastest available, but have a slow processor, you’re not likely to notice a significant increase in performance, as the processor ultimately determines how fast the computer can make calculations.

Macintosh systems will have a maximum amount of memory that they can handle. It is commonly known in the Mac community that after-market upgrade memory modules function beyond the maximum capacity published by Apple. Ramjet makes every effort to test beyond the Apple specification where applicable.

What Determines the Lifetime of Memory?

The quality of the RAM you purchase is the biggest determining factor in how long it will last. Generally speaking, most RAM will last as long as the computer it is installed in and, in fact, it’s not uncommon for people to take RAM out of existing systems and put it into new systems.

RAM typically does not slow down with time, though some users do complain about this on the Internet. On a Mac, one thing that can diminish the lifetime of your RAM is heat. Ramjet only uses Apple approved heatsinks and high quality parts to protect your RAM from overheating. In most cases, however, any RAM that you purchase to upgrade your computer should last you the lifetime of the computer it is installed in and, in all likelihood, beyond.

Ramjet certified memory has been tested to make certain that it meets the highest quality standards. If you're unsure as to which type of memory you should install in your computer or which manufacturer will provide you the greatest value for the money you spend, looking for memory certified by Ramjet can give you the certainty the memory you purchase will hold up for a very long time. Where applicable, Ramjet may be interested in purchasing your old memory from you. Please check our rebate program.

What Determines the Reliability of Memory?

Again, the reliability of RAM generally has to do with the quality of their components; namely, the chip, the PCB and the jumpers. At Ramjet, we make sure all of our RAM passes stringent quality tests on Mac machines.

You do, however, have to make absolutely certain the RAM you purchase for your Mac is the correct speed and configuration. That is why we match every part number with your Mac Model so as to ensure that what you buy works for your machine.

There are testing utilities available like memtest or the Apple Hardware Test (AHT) that can help users determine whether the RAM they have installed is functioning correctly. These generally go through a series of simple tests that utilize all the different addresses in the RAM and make certain they are functioning as intended. If RAM is not functioning correctly, it needs to be replaced; it cannot be repaired.

In addition to this, make certain your Mac has adequate cooling and the case is kept clean. Dust, debris, oil from your fingers, and other contaminants can have significant impacts on the overall performance of any computer component, up to and including causing complete failures due to overheating.

How Does the Cost for Memory Vary?

The cost of memory generally varies with the speed and capacity, but it is largely based on consumer supply and demand. Most of the time, the fastest, highest capacity and newest types of memory on the market will cost the consumer the least because the market is flooded with this product. Conversely, hard to find, end-of-life upgrade modules will cost the consumer more because very few wafer manufacturers bother to dedicate production lines for them. At Ramjet, we seek out a solution for every user's need, particularly for those parts that are more difficult to find.