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October 10, 2013 2 min read

The MacBook, while now replaced by the MacBook Air line of Mac laptops, is still a great machine and continues to be the main laptop for many Apple users. These machines have seen several updates, from the original 13" MacBook that used DDR2-667Mhz memory to the most recent version from 2010 that used DDR3-1066Mhz. Unlike the MacBook Air, the MacBook has the benefit of being able to be upgraded, while the MacBook Air unfortunately cannot take upgrades either of MacBook RAM or hard drive. It is this upgradeability that has many users still using their MacBook today.

MacBook Memory Slots

Each MacBook has two slots. Memory does not have to be installed in pairs, but these machines do get a slight boost from having a matched pair. In some models, the maximum memory is 6GB, which requires a 4GB and a 2GB DIMM. This configuration, while not getting the boost from being a matched pair, is still a superior configuration than a matched pair of 2GB for 4GB. The additional 2GB of physical RAM with the 6GB configuration more than makes up for the lack of the slight performance boost from a matched pair.

Storage for MacBooks

Installing a larger internal laptop hard drive in your MacBook will require a different process depending on which version of the MacBook you have. However, in both the plastic version of MacBook and the aluminum unibody MacBook, replacing the hard drive is fairly straight forward. The drive is located in the same place in both body styles, but in the plastic version you will remove the battery and then slide out a tray, while in the aluminum MacBook, you need to remove the entire back of the laptop to access the drive location. Further instructions for replacing the hard drive can be found in your machine's installation guide.

MacBook Optibay Replacement Kits

Another option for upgrading your MacBook is to purchase an optibay drive and enclosure. The optibay kits sold by Ramjet are made specifically to fit into your particular MacBook model. The optibay kit will allow you to remove the optical drive in your MacBook and replace it with an additional laptop hard drive, giving you extra storage space without having to replace your main hard drive. You can find more details about Ramjet MacBook Optibay kits in our Optibay blog article.